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Dandelion Wine I: The Result

January 19, 2015

1 November 2014

BottlingMy bottling apparatus – that’s a paper coffee filter in the funnel, to catch any lees that I might ladle out of the fermentation bucket. / Mi equipo para embotellar – es un filtro para café, de papel, en el embudo, para coger cualquier de los sólidos que pueda servir del cubo de fermentación. / Mon appareil à mettre en bouteille – c’est un filtre de papier pour café, pour attraper à des sédiments que je peux servir du vaisseau de fermentation. / Mein Flaschenabfüllenapparat – das ist eine Kaffeefilterpapier, um etwaige Hefe, das ich schöpfe aus, zu fangen.

The color:  A very pretty shade of pink,like strawberry juice.  / El color es una rosa muy bonita, como jugo de fresa. / Le couleur:  Un ton très joli de rose, comme le jus des fraises. / Die Farbe ist einen hübsche Rosa, ähnlich dem Erdbeeresaft.

Well, it's not quite so dark as that!

Well, it’s not quite so dark as that!

The flavor is hard to describe:  sweet-tart, and tangy from the lemon, but not really floral or grape-based.  Toward the bottom of the fermenter, where I started to get a little of the lees mixed in and to really need the filter, of course it became slightly bitter; that was the ¼ liter which we drank that evening (well, of course we had to sample!).  It doesn’t replace a good Merlot, but I wasn’t expecting Merlot!  On the whole it’s very good, and I started a second batch almost immediately. / Es difícil describir al sabór:  agrio-dulce, y picante del limón, pero sin sabor especificamente ni de flores ni de uvas.  Hácia el fondo del galón, donde no podía evitar a los sólidos sin el filtro, por supuesto se hizo un poco amargo; frue esta porcioncita que probabanos esa tarde (por supuesto, ¡teníamos que probarlo!).  No toma lugar de un buen Merlot; por otro lado, ¡no esperaba el Merlot!  En realidad tiene un sabor muy bueno, y casi de pronto empezé con una segunda elaboración. / C’est dificil décrire au goût:  doux-aigre, et piquant par le citron, mais vraiment ni floral ni des raisins.  Vers le fond du vaisseau, òu les sédements (lies?) se mélangeant avec le vin, et l’a besoin du filtre, bien sûr, il était un peu amer.  Nous avons bu ce parte, cette soir – il fallait que nous le goûtons!  Cet vin ne remplace pas à un bon Merlot, mais je n’ai éxigé pas de Merlot.  C’est un bon vin sûr ses propres mérites, et j’ai commencé une seconde fournée, presque immédiatement. / Es ist schwer, das Aroma zu beschreiben:  süß-sauer, und herb wegen der Zitronen, ohne keines Blumen- oder Weintraubearoma.  Gegen die Sohle der Eimer, wo die Hefe mit dem Wein gemischt werde, und es den Filter benötigte, natürlich ist das Aroma ein wenig biter.  Wir haben es Halbliter das Abend getranken – wir müßten es kosten!  Dieser Wein einer guten Merlot ersetz nicht – aber, ich habe keiner Merlot erwartete.  Es ist ein guter Wein in seinen Verdienst; ich habe noch ein Schub (?) fast sofort angefangt.

The "lees"

The “lees”

  1. I made a few batches of wine when I was in my 20s and the results were absolutely disgusting! Now I’ve seen your efforts it’s made me want to give it a go again! My father in law, and the mother of an old friend both used to make lovely fruit wines, so I know it can be done! Are you still making wine? Any new ingredients?

    • I made a total of 3 gallons of dandelion wine last fall and winter, varying the amount of grape juice, and a gallon of mint wine.  I used part oranges for the citrus in one batch of dandelion, which was a little sweeter, and interesting.  We didn’t like the mint so well; it was pretty harsh for drinking, and I couldn’t figure out how to cook with it, as my usual use of mint is either tea, or fresh leaves chopped and sprinkled over vegetables.  I have more dandelion petals in the freezer right now; I’ll set up some more wine after I get a hydrometer – I want to know what the alcohol level is (I think it was as pretty strong!), and try for a drier wine.  And maybe some other herbs, like rosemary and thyme, which I know I can used in cooked dishes.A friend of my Dad’s made wine from white table grapes, when I was in school – I didn’t think it was all that great, but then at 15 I hadn’t learned to like wine at all!   From: Magpie Stitcher To: Sent: Tuesday, October 6, 2015 1:18 AM Subject: [Magpie Stitcher] Comment: “Dandelion Wine I: The Result” #yiv1832900352 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv1832900352 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv1832900352 a.yiv1832900352primaryactionlink:link, #yiv1832900352 a.yiv1832900352primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv1832900352 a.yiv1832900352primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv1832900352 a.yiv1832900352primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv1832900352 | | |

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